Musicality Course: Apr

Wed 05 Apr 2023 - Wed 26 Apr 2023

Musicality Course: Apr

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Everything is better with music! Learn how to make simple changes for big effects so that all your dances feel unique to the music.

Lindy hop wouldn't be lindy hop without the swung rhythm of the music we dance to. Once you have a good grasp of the basics and a good handful of moves under your belt, we will give you some tools to help you become more musical in your dancing. This course will give you a better understanding of the music, it's common features and how to work with the music when you dance. It will include both how to be musical in and of yourself but also how to work with a partner to inspire and take inspiration from each other and the music.

A favourite clip of ours, showing how musicality doesn't have to be choreographed polished routines but just making it up as you go...


– Small class size

– Individual feedback

– Structured learning

– Appropriate for people who can social dance some basic moves

– Pre-booking and payment in advance required