Tandem Charleston Course: 3rd May

Wed 03 May 2023 - Wed 24 May 2023

Tandem Charleston Course: 3rd May

One of the iconic moves in Lindy Hop and Charleston, Tandem Charleston looks fab and so much fun to do.

This course is for those who have a good grasp of basic partnered Charleston and are looking for more. Tandem Charleston aka 'Back to Back’ Charleston is awesome fun, looks amazing and you can do it easily to fast music. The course will focus on core Tandem Charleston entries, exits and fun things to do while you’re there. No prior knowledge of tandem Charleston required but 30s / side by side Charleston basic is necessary.

If you don't know what Tandem Charleston looks like check it out:


- Small class size

- Individual feedback

- Structured learning

- Appropriate for improvers, and anyone looking to brush up on their Tandem Charleston.