Balboa Basics Course: 28 Jun

Wed 28 Jun 2023 - Wed 19 Jul 2023

Balboa Basics Course: 28 Jun

Learn how to dance Balboa with this beginner friendly course! Not sure what Balboa is? Check out this video for a good example:

Balboa is a dance in the swing family, and is related to Lindy Hop. Typically danced faster but actually a lot less energetic. People enjoy this dance for being able to dance all night whatever the tempo.

Our Balboa Basics course will help you build your basic skills giving you a solid foundation in balboa moves and techniques. No previous dance experience necessary. Learn alongside a small group of other new dancers in a structured environment.

- Small class size

– Individual feedback

– Structured learning

– Appropriate for beginners, improvers, and anyone else who wants to build their basics